North Island Mussels Ltd


The Coromandel operation maintains strict environmental policies in its aquaculture activities both at sea and on land.

  • Green Lipped Mussels (Perna Canaliculus) grow fast in New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula with an average grow time of 14 months from seeding to harvest.
  • Our dedicated staff in our farming operations provide the ‘Backbone’ to achieving a supply of Green Lipped Mussels during the harvesting season, which runs from October to July each year.
  • Our on-water fleet comprises key vessels which are involved in continual farm activities throughout the week. Our vessels include the Untouchable at 18 metres (length over all) which is a dedicated float and line maintenance vessel carrying a crew of 3-4 staff. We have two multi-purpose vessels; the Wakatere at 24 metres and the Waikawau at 26 metres. Both perform all the facets of farming mussels, from line maintenance and stock propagation through to harvesting if required.
  • Steaming time of 40 minutes from its mooring each morning takes in the breath-taking scenery of the Coromandel Inner harbour Islands out into the main farming area of Wilsons Bay. This large expanse of farming area in the Firth of Thames encompasses 3600 hectares (or 36 sq. km). Distance wise, the farms of Wilsons Bay (group A and group B) measure 5.7km long x 4.2km wide.
  • Within 3 hours of landing the harvested crop is then transported via a fleet of dedicated refrigerated truck and trailer units to our Tauranga processing facility.
  • Whilst on water activities are the most visible of our operations, land-based works are vital in keeping the supply chain rolling. On land activities include float processing, rope refurbishment, stocking and various rope supplies and maintenance support.